Successful projects demand experience and innovation. Roadways brings you both.

We are regional leaders in:

  • Highways construction
  • Carriageway recycling
  • Asphalt surfacing
  • Civil engineering
  • Traffic management
  • Groundworks
  • Low carbon and recycled materials
  • Cycleway and footway construction
  • Town centre improvements

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We have over 55 years’ pedigree in civil engineering and asphalt surfacing. We understand our industry, its people and its ways of working. Roadways is solid, established and credible, with a long-term client portfolio that includes major highways authorities and important motorway projects.

In our industry, trust and reliability matter. We know precise budgets, careful margins and important timescales call for close partnership.

We’re looking forward to meeting you, getting to know you, and taking care of every detail.

Let’s do this right.

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Modern construction calls for fresh thinking.

Carbon and sustainability are firmly on the international agenda and they're at the heart of what we do.

We specialise in road recycling, asphalt surfacing, groundworks, civil engineering and production of eco-friendly road construction materials that save over 70% of CO2 in comparison to the traditional road construction methods.

FREE HARDCORE TIP open from 7am to 5pm for licenced waste carriers.

FRESH CONCRETE COLLECTIONS open from 7am to 9am.

Our depot is open for AGGREGATE AND ANY OTHER COLLECTIONS from 7am to 2pm. In exceptional circumstances collections after 2pm can be booked by appointment.

With all the right ISO accreditations (ISO 45001, 9001, 27001 & 14001) and a commitment to the circular economy, we take care of this for you and your clients. We ensure everything is done as it should be.

We innovate. We’re committed to modern techniques, new regulations and the safest ways of working.

Roadways the Right Way.

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There is no Planet B. We take very seriously our role as a green business working in highways construction and the built environment.

We are deeply committed to ensuring Roadways offers clients environmentally friendly products and the latest technology. Together, we make carbon savings, along with safe working practices and first-class quality projects.

We have been working with the Green Growth Platform at the University of Brighton to define and produce ideas that disrupt traditional road surfacing methods.

Our innovative recycling-based approach to road maintenance resulted in the development and launch of four new environmentally friendlier products. All products save around 40% of CO₂ emissions in comparison to standard road construction products.

Read Roadways 2022 Carbon Reduction Plan here

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Being aware of the social value and impact of what we do, looking after our employees, and ensuring safety and best practice: These are all core to our company ethos.

In addition, we are keen to help the communities in which we live and work, however we can.

Roadways is a regular supporter of local charities in the South East. Everyone in the company is tasked with donating one day a year to a charitable cause.

We also aim to complete one charity project each month, if not more!

We are Enterprise Advisers for East Sussex County Council’s Careers Hub, working with Hailsham Community College students.

Over £300k has been invested in employee training over the last couple of years.

We are also industry champions, regularly promoting best practice within the construction industry, sitting on task force groups, and talking to the media.

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Roadways is a long-established yet forward-thinking, modern highways constructions company. We are based in Hailsham, East Sussex, Brighton and Southampton working across the South East.

With over 55 years’ experience, we’re rooted in knowledge and expertise. We are committed to safety, quality and a professional approach. This means we can deliver more projects on-time and to the high-standards you expect. We specialise in road recycling, asphalt surfacing, groundworks, civil engineering and production of eco-friendly road construction materials that save over 70% of CO2 in comparison to the traditional road construction methods.

We invest heavily in the right people, the right technology, the right equipment and the right knowledge.

We innovate with eco-friendly recycling products to save the planet one road at a time.

Roadways the Right Way.

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Roadways are a multiple award winning company including Employer of the year 2019 & 2021, Sussex company of the year 2021 and Innovation of the year in Brighton, 2021.

Our work takes us all over the South East.

We are key workers, keeping roads safe and traffic flowing for all road users and during lockdown, specifically for other key workers who need to get to their destinations quickly and without delay.

We have successfully completed road recycling projects across the region using eco-friendly products that ensure longer lasting roads, less disruption to road users and local residents, and cost savings to tax-payers.

Our business has grown sustainably by 50% over the last few years, allowing us to invest heavily in these new initiatives as well as in training our people in new technology. Being profitable means we can innovate and invest in the region's environmental agenda and we are working with Highways England as part of their exclusive contractors list.

Roadways the Right Way.

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We are always looking for professional, qualified, road workers. Additionally we need people with the right attitude, commitment and passion who are looking to train and develop their skills. We'd like to hear from you if you're our type of person.

We have invest 5% of our wage bill each year in onboarding, training and upskilling our people.

We are a self delivery organisation so don't sub-contract. We deliver your project ourselves with a skilled, professional and growing in-house team. You know who you're working with when you trust Roadways with your project.

Everyone has the right qualification for the job they're doing, and is regularly monitored and audited.

Roadways the Right Way.

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