Roadways clients now will benefit from a reduction in remedial work using our innovative system that automates laying records and rolling (compaction) records on all our paver-laid asphalt surfacing works. This system provides a real-time view on-site showing temperature, roller passes, laying records, lorry unload points and ticket data, and chipping spread rate. This is also a result of our robust and tested delivery processes and procedures and Quality Management System (QMS) which is fully integrated and externally certified by BSI to ISO 9001, 14001, and 45001.

The benefits
10% cheaper than conventional testing, safer as fewer people are in the work area and those potential failures can be identified in real-time, therefore eliminating remedial works and extending the life of the road.
Evidence: We typically lay over 40,000 tonnes of pavement material per year. Our remedial works are less than 0.2 % of paving works, generally minor snagging works. Roadways developed this testing system together with Highways Data Systems.