When it comes to asphalt surfacing, no job is too big or too small.

During 2021, our road resurfacing projects oversaw the laying of 40,000 tonnes of asphalt materials by machine or by hand. These jobs are either planned or emergency call-outs. Our work with local authorities combines planned maintenance and emergency call-outs – both calling for collaboration with developers and utility companies. Since 2017, Roadways has successfully self-delivered right first time and defect free for the National Highways network, (via A-One+ and CFW in Area 4). We self-deliver 95% of our services allowing us ultimate control of delivery, safety and customer service. 90% of our workforce are in-house skilled to successfully deliver pavement schemes ensuring we deliver to cost, agreed programme and the quality of work meets all the required standards. As a local SME, Roadways has flexibility, self-learning ability and agility to make innovation and continuous improvement happen. Roadways will engage early to add value by bringing digital and sustainable solutions. Roadways robust and tested delivery processes and procedures are in line within our Quality Management System (QMS), which is fully integrated and externally certified by BSI to ISO 9001, 14001, and 45001.

Roadways clients now will benefit from a reduction in remedial work using our innovative system that automates laying records and rolling (compaction) records on all our paver laid asphalt surfacing works. This system provides a real-time view on site showing temperature, roller passes, laying records, lorry unload points and ticket data and chipping spread rate. Roadways ensures consistent standards and quality of pavement materials by daily performance monitoring of its asphalt supply chain. We have 5 years of data that allows us to spot performance trends and choose our ongoing suppliers accordingly based on a matrix of price, performance and sustainability, ensuring standards continually improve. In case of major non-conformance, we do not resume business until an updated quality plan is presented to us for joint agreement on how problems will be rectified.

Innovation and Sustainability
In 2020 Roadways have developed and started using totally cold asphalt Produced to Highways Series 948 standard recipe. Cold asphalt is a direct replacement for hot or warm AC32 and AC20 road base and binder. No redesign is needed to layer thicknesses, can be used as a surface cour. Our material production & all company are audited to ISO 9001 quality standards by BSI.

Cold asphalt supplier


This recycled road will last for decades longer than the two-to-five years expected from a simple resurfacing job.

Southampton City Council were so pleased with the work done at Spencer Road that they commissioned Roadways for another job, using the same construction technique.

This repair project was carried out during the 2020 COVID-19 lockdown. Which presented it’s own challenges for our team in various ways.

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Roadways is ready and prepared to react to emergency situations, our team of 20 were onsite within 3 hours to complete this job.

Nearly 300t of contaminated asphalt was planed off and replaced with a new surface.

Over £1 million worth of plant was used including road planers, sweepers, pavers, rollers, bitumen sprayers, etc!

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Successful projects demand Experience and Innovation. Roadways brings you both.