Our primary objective is to keep our people and the public safe.

We have stringent Health & Safety regulations and practices in place which are rigorously monitored.


Classed as key workers, the company’s team is on call 24/7 for emergency roadworks on behalf of clients like local authorities and utility companies. 

Mental health is a particular worry among road construction workers, most of whom are male and reticent to talk through their issues.

An independent survey of Roadways’ team shows a 96% safety record and highlights that the team has the freedom and ability to raise any safety concerns – knowing that management will listen and respond.

We instigated regular counselling services and visits from massage therapists for the whole team. A new addition to the wellbeing offering is online yoga – taking place every day. 

In normal times, there are frequent social events to ensure a cohesive company culture. During lockdown these are online along, with cookery classes for the team and partners, quizzes, and other fun activities.

It has been proven that Roadways’ proactive approach to employee wellbeing has helped immensely during lockdown. 


Road workers are often the subject of abuse by residents and road users who do not always understand why and when jobs are being done – for instance, at night. 

Members of our team have have experienced assault. We take a zero tolerance approach to all incidents of verbal or physical abuse.

The company reports all incidents of abuse and assault to the police and supports our teams fully.

All our gatemen wear body cameras as some, including women, have been threatened and pushed by cars whose drivers want to pass through a live work site.

We do everything necessary to prevent such incidents – such as providing explanatory road signage and easy walkways round the site where possible.

Roadways has signed up to petition the Government to make it a specific criminal offence to assault highways workers and we strongly urge other road construction companies to do the same.

Successful projects demand Experience and Innovation. Roadways brings you both.