There is no Planet B.

    We take seriously our role as a green business working in highways construction and the built environment.

    We recycle 97% of our waste.

    Roadways is deeply committed to ensuring we offer clients environmentally friendly products and the latest technology. Together, we make carbon savings, along with safe working practices and first-class quality projects. 

    We have an innovative recycling-based approach to road maintenance. From our East Sussex circular economy recycling hub and Brighton innovation centre we have launched an asphalt that saves 40% CO2 and our cement bound subbase saves 70%. That’s 3,000 car kilometres of CO2 saved per load!

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    We now stock low carbon cement, ready for collection in 25kg bags from our Sussex depot or the Woodstore in Brighton. Each bag saves as much CO2 as you would produce by driving 65 miles.

    Low carbon cement on sale

    Traditionally, road renewal has involved mere resurfacing. Longevity is not ensured and asphalt continues to fail due to poor road foundations. We ensure these underlying problems are rectified by rebuilding roads on a new foundation, saving both cost and carbon at the same time.

    In 2020, Roadways laid 4,000 tonnes of roads, equating to over 132,500 tonnes of carbon savings in total during road recycling projects, avoiding thousands of tonnes of virgin aggregates being taken from the sea or quarries, and diverting over tens of thousands of tonnes of waste from landfill.

    We aim to at least double this figure in 2021. This means longer-lasting roadways, less disruption long-term, 40% carbon savings, and less cost for taxpayers. 

    We follow ‘circular economy’ principles: designing waste out of the environment, keeping materials in use, and regenerating natural systems. 

    Roadways CEO, James Bailey, discusses sustainability with Plus X, our innovation hub in Brighton

    Successful projects demand Experience and Innovation. Roadways brings you both.