East Sussex Highways tasked us to repair broken and uneven footways in Eastbourne.

There were health and safety implications for public safety, particularly those with visual impairments and disabilities.


  • Over 10,000 sq m of footpaths improved
  • Broken slabs were replaced with asphalt
  • New kerb lines and edging installed where required
  • Emissions were cut from road use
  • Access to homes made safer for older residents and those with disabilities
  • Fewer trip hazards

This repair will last for over ten years instead of mere months, and will only need to be resurfaced when the natural life cycle of the surface dressing comes to its end. 

Overall, the client and local residents were very happy with the programme and end results. Many positive customer feedback cards were received. 


  • We spent seven weeks on site
  • 10,000 sq m of improvements were carried out
  • None of the works were subcontracted
  • All construction waste was recycled back to Type 1 crushed concrete at our depot


It was obvious that one older lady with disabilities needed urgent help as her footpath was not safe for her use. Roadways were delighted to help by creating and asphalting a footpath from her front door, through her garden to the existing footway free of charge.