A diesel spill occurred on a carriageway on a major road in Crawley following an incident.

Diesel makes roads slippery and unsafe. It dissolves bitumen in the asphalt and makes it weak, breaking up over time and creating an even worse health and safety scenario.

Roadways sprang into action immediately once contacted.


By 4pm the necessary team, plant, and subcontractors were mobilised and ready to start on the works. 

Over £1 million worth of plant was used including road planers, sweepers, pavers, rollers, bitumen sprayers, etc.

Nearly 300t of contaminated asphalt was planed off and replaced with a new surface. 

Around 20 operatives were deployed on this job.


  • Roadways reacted in record time
  • We organised operatives, plants, and material
  • Safety was ensured for operatives and the public
  • Road was open the following morning
  • Disruption was minimised for road users
  • Client was happy with the exceptionally high quality of the job

" A feat of logistical know-how! "