Danielle, HR, Training & Recruitment Manager

Danielle has worked at Roadways for almost four years. She arrived for what was going to be a two-week stint to catch up on some HR work that was outstanding and was so happy with the company that she stayed.

Having previously worked in HR, Danielle has continued learning on the job and her role now includes recruitment and some basic accounting. She has gained a full understanding of construction training as well, and is responsible for the full learning programme which Roadways offers all staff.

Danielle says the best things about working for the company are the variety of work and the people. She understands so much more about the industry, and her increased skill set has put her in a really good place for the future.

“It’s a fantastic place to work,” says Danielle, “I’ve been able to progress and learn on the job over the years. As a company, what I’m very proud of is our ability to take less experienced people on board and train them – for example, one of our team arrived with no experience and two years later, he’s a foreman. It’s not only good for the individual, it’s great for the company. We also take on apprentices and look outside our normal areas of operation for good people. As an example, I interviewed someone in prison recently and we’re looking at whether that person can get day release to work with us. Not many companies would do that, and it proves how inclusive we are!”