This is a recognition letter of previously completed contracts that we received from Costain, here are a few snippets:

“As the Area 4 Interim Construction Works Framework (CWF) contract approaches the final stages, Costain would like to take this opportunity to thank Hailsham Roadway Construction Co Ltd for your contribution to the various schemes undertaken during the course of this contract, such as the A27 Lancing Traffic Signals, A21 Boarzell Footpath, A259 East Stream Hooe, A259 Workhouse and A27 Upper Brighton Traffic Signals schemes of work.

As a contract, we have reached out to our team for feedback on Subcontractor’s performance
and any key personnel that we would personally like to mention. Following the general feedback given in the quarterly performance reviews, we would like to acknowledge the attitude, professionalism, and collaboration of your supervisors, administration team and project managers who have always been open and transparent in regards to SHEQ and for proactively seeking solutions.

The attitude and professionalism identified on the A27 Upper Brighton scheme has been outstanding and you clearly take pride in the planning and delivery of your works. The value you place on health, safety and quality reflects positively in achieving works right way first time and the respect and equality amongst the workforce is truly inspirational. You strive to achieve the scheduled scope of works, and betterment where possible, and are proactive in taking the industry forward by adopting the latest technology and reducing your carbon footprint.

It is through the actions and behaviours of key individuals as well as the culture, commitment and high standards of our supplychain that we can all go home safely after each shift and disruption to the general public is kept to a minimum. Thanks again for your contribution to the success of the schemes undertaken during the course of this contract, it is appreciated.”

We are extremely proud to have received this exceptional recognition!